Arya Sukta Tonic Wine - 750ml
Arya Sukta Tonic Wine - 750ml

Arya Sukta Tonic Wine - 750ml

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Gooseberry, organic Jaggery, Thathiripoo, Curcumin Extract and Pookulla Extract

Health Benefits:

1. Vitamin C present in the drink helps you to increase your hemoglobin level

2. Increases immunity power

3. Replenishes blood counts 

4. Increases our grasping power 

5. Strengthens hair and reduces hair fall

6. Strengthens back bones 

7. Strengthens body muscles and reduces muscles pains 

8. Helps to regulates mensuration cycle for women

9. Helps to detoxify our body 

10. Regulates body metabolic activities 


40 -50 ml for Men and Women 

15 ml to Children above ten

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